Fun Facts

Our boats’ last names, “Bravo” and “Whiskey,” come from the NATO phonetic alphabet, as in “Alpha,” “Bravo,” “Charlie,” etc… which is used by our US Military and many law enforcement agencies.  “Bravo” designates the letter “B” and “Whiskey” the letter “W.”  Our boats are black and white respectively;  hence, we used the NATO phonetic alphabet to designate their colors.

Many often ask, “What’s up with all that orange?”  The short answer:  High visibility for safety.  The long answer:  Well, years ago, when Capt. Ellis began trolling on Lake Anna, he occasionally had his trolling lines run over by other boaters who were either, not paying attention, were inexperienced, or just plain not realizing they were crossing too close behind a trolling fisherman.  Occasionally, these close encounters resulted in the loss of hundreds and hundreds of feet of expensive fishing line, divers, and tackle.  Also, some of the crossing boats stalled out and became disabled because the strong braided fishing line they spooled up had fouled their propellers.  Not fun for all involved.  From this, Capt. Ellis decided that wearing hi-visibility orange clothing might help in being noticed sooner by other boaters.  It worked and the idea grew to include outfitting his boat with hi-visibility orange.  The orange worked so well, some Lake Anna residents took notice and decided to poke some good clean fun at the idea during a community parade.  Hence, Orange Troller was born!

“Orange is the Happiest Color”   Orange Boat

…………………………………Frank Sinatra