Lake Anna Boating Lessons


The VA Dept. of Health continues investigating numerous reports of gastrointestinal illnesses in people, mainly children, who swam or partook in water activities at Lake Anna over the Memorial Day weekend. Some ill have been diagnosed with E. coli infections and some were hospitalized in serious condition. Copy the following link for more info:



**Call For An Appointment**  540-947-4007

Boating Lessons (3) Hours:

**ADULTS ONLY**  (Age 18 and above)

$225 – Individual one-on-one lesson

$45 – Each 1/2 hour Practice add-on per class

Boating Lessons Group – (3) Hours: (REDUCED RATE!)

$295 – 2 Adults  (Only $70 for the 2nd person!)

$45 Each 1/2 hour Practice add-on per class

Boating Lessons – Capt. Ellis has a very calm “Slow and Steady” approach when it comes to boat handling.  Our goal is to provide everyone with a safe, stress-free, “hands-on,” learning/practice experience.  We hope all of our clients will have relaxing fun while learning as we aim to help you gain experience while building confidence in your boating abilities.  Our hands-on Boating Lessons are centered around the safe operation of smaller gas operated recreational power boats (no sailboats), 12 meters (39.4 feet) in length and under, upon non-tidal, non-current waters.  Classes are scheduled to run three (3) hours.  You will have an opportunity to “Turn a boat on a dime!”  See the below, “Topics.”

If you desire, you may add more Practice Time to your class in 1/2 hour increments.  Prepaid add-on time must be used as a practice extension, immediately preceding  your regular scheduled class.  Non-prepaid add-on time will be made available for purchase during class, so long as we have no other pending bookings.

*NOTE* – This Boating Lesson is NOT a Boating Safety Course.  We DO NOT provide any state approved Boating Safety Courses, nor are we NASBLA (National Association of State Boating Law Administrators) accredited.  We have no plans for accreditation as our lessons are only intended to help you gain some basic seamanship skill knowledge and guide you in your practice of some practical hands-on handling of smaller power vessels.  Instructions provided in this class will be based upon the over 40 years of boating experience, training, and knowledge of Captain Ellis, a US Coast Guard Licensed Master Captain.  No Boater Safety Certificate is required to take this lesson.  As per Virginia Law (Code of Virginia; Title 29.1; Chapter 7; § 29.1-735.2.),  it is legal for you to operate our lesson boat, WITHOUT a Boating Safety Certificate, while under the direct supervision of Capt. Ellis.  To learn one way on how to possibly obtain a Boating Safety Certificate for your state, check out our “Free Boating Safety Course (Online)” webpage by clicking here.

Date:       **Call For An Appointment**  540-947-4007

Summer Hours:     9:00 AM – 12 Noon   Daily   Three (3) Hours

Spring, Fall and Winter Hours:  Available anytime during normal business hours

Instructor:             Capt. Johnny Ellis

Pick Up Point:       Anna Point Marina (at the Fish Tales Bait & Tackle Shop)

 13721 Anna Point Ln, Mineral, VA 23117

*Please park your vehicle in the “car only” parking area by the large pavilion.

Boat:                       Orange Troller Bravo

Available to:          **ADULTS ONLY**

Requirements:      Must have and present a valid ID for proof of age.

Topics: (Non-Tidal Waters – No Current Waters – Lake Related Lessons)

  • Captain’s Introduction, Safety Orientation and Carbon Monoxide awareness talk
  • The art of “Slow and Steady.”
  • Vessel inspection and preparation before shoving off
  • Leaving the dock (Casting off) – Actual practice
  • Docking – Actual practice
  • Accelerating, Turning and Stopping – Actual practice
  • Maneuvering in tight places – “Turning on a dime” – Actual practice
  • Man overboard – Actual practice
  • Tying up your boat
  • Fueling your boat
  • Loading your boat
  • Anchoring
  • Wind and how it may effect (help/hurt) operation of your boat
  • Wind – Importance of understanding Windward, Leeward, and Fetch
  • Weather – Some signs of approaching foul weather (Thunderhead clouds)
  • Safety measures you may employ if caught in a bad storm
  • Night boating and your night vision
  • Bowline (pronounced “Bō-lin”) knot.  A knot every boater should learn
  • Bonus information contained in our Boating Lesson Information Packet

The Things We Provide:

  • Our boats
  • Orange Troller Boating Lesson Information Packet
  • Fuel
  • USCG approved PFDs (life jackets)
  • Fun

Your Responsibility:

  • We recommend you frequently check and follow the National Weather Service (NWS – NOAA) Lake Anna area weather forecasts at least 3 days before your scheduled class or service
  • Classes and services may be cancelled at any time due to weather and/or forecast of severe weather, or other unforeseen circumstances.  Please call us when in doubt
  • Bring identification for proof of age
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the prevailing weather.  It can be surprisingly chilly on the water relative to land
  • Wear comfortable boating shoes/sneakers/boots having good traction soles
  • Wear comfortable clothing and bring a cap
  • For safety reasons, please wear hair up and secured for those with long hair
  • Bring your necessary medications.  Be aware that certain medications will preclude you from participating in the hands-on boat handling portions of our classes.  These medications would be of the type which would make you fatigued, sleepy, impair judgment, etc…  Please check your medication(s) and plan accordingly
  • Apply sun block.  Yes, even in winter
  • Bring pen, paper, tablet, or smart phone for taking notes
  • Bring your own PFD (life jacket) if you prefer not using ours
  • Bring sunglasses (with straps)
  • Bring a windbreaker for your outermost layer of clothing
  • Bring foul weather gear.  Classes are held rain or shine
  • Bring some something to drink
  • You may bring something to eat
  • We highly recommend you NOT wear jewelry (medical alert items are exempt – Advise Captain).  This includes rings, watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc…  This will greatly reduce the potential of you snagging upon equipment
  • Cold weather – LAYER UP!  Wind and cold are surprisingly highly magnified on the water
  • Cold weather – (A suggestion) Hand warmers/toe warmers (“Hot Hands,” Zippo hand warmers, etc…)
  • Cold weather – (A suggestion) Nitrile (or similar) disposable rubber gloves provides a water barrier reducing wind-chill to hands


  • Arrive early for your class.   The Captain’s Introduction and Safety Orientation are are important.  They begin promptly at your scheduled class time.  The Captain will cast off shortly thereafter.
  • Classes will be held rain or shine.  However, the Captain may cancel classes before or during, for any reason he may deem contrary to the safety and well-being of the clients, others, the Captain, or the boat.  Some reasons for cancellation might include, but are not limited to: Hazardous weather, such as; lightning, high winds, high waves, excessive boat traffic, excessive cold or hot temperatures, illness, injury, or what the Captain deems necessary.  The Captain will cancel all services when NOAA’s, National Weather Service (NWS) predictions reach or exceed 50% chance of thunderstorms occurring during our class time.  Please see our Cancellations & Refund Policy for details.
  • For the safety of all clients, others, the Captain, or the boat, the Captain may for any reason, at any time, not allow or terminate any client’s participation in the “Skipper” or hands-on portion of any class, or participation in any class or service.  The Captain’s decision to do so may be based upon the following:  Client is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, client fails or refuses to follow instructions, client has any impairment, physical or otherwise, which may preclude him/her from safely operating the boat and/or participate in any class or service
  • Please, no children, no alcohol, no smoking, no vaping, no illegal drugs and no pets.
  • Feel free to bring a camera, cell phone, or other device to take pictures or videos of you, scenic views, etc…  Please, no recordings of the actual class instructions

*NOTICE* – Boating may require modest to strenuous physical exertion, dexterity, and endurance.  Maintaining one’s balance, hanging onto railings during moderate to heavy seas can be tiring.  It is your responsibility to ensure you possess suitable physical fitness to comfortably manage the aforementioned.  If in doubt, please seek the appropriate medical advice of a qualified physician before purchasing our services or boarding our boats.

Fishing and Boating are extremely fun and also inherently dangerous.  These activities can be very safe when employing common sense and sound safety habits.  Following your Captain’s instructions will greatly minimize risks and allow for a fun filled experience.

Persons failing to wear a US Coast Guard (USCG) approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD aka “life jacket”), while aboard any boat, have a greater risk of drowning than those who wear PFD’s, especially persons with little or no swimming abilities.  Although the US Coast Guard only requires approved PFD’s be worn aboard boats by persons under the age of 13, we highly encourage all of our clients wear a PFD while aboard any vessel.  We will provide our clients with USCG approved PFD’s to wear on our boats if they desire.  If preferred, clients may bring their own USCG approved PFD.  It will be the client’s responsibility to inspect their own PFD to ensure it is USCG approved and is safe to wear.  Adult clients electing not to wear a PFD will do so at their own risk.  A situation may arise where the Captain may require everyone aboard to wear a PFD.

Please read our DISCLAIMER.

Thank you,

Capt. Johnny Ellis, Orange Troller LLCOT Logo No white