We at Orange Troller LLC, for your own safety and protection as well as ours, must inform you (client); although boating and fishing are extremely fun, there are also inherent risks involved for anyone who partakes in these activities.  Risks include serious bodily injury and/or death.  Please read on.

We have aboard our vessels (boats) a large variety of fishing gear and tackle, such as, hooks, rod holders, rod racks, sharp implements, sharp knives, braided fishing line, and the like.  Also, some of our fishing tackle, such as jig heads, sinkers, divers, and the like may contain lead.  When employing common sense and sound safety habits, these items are very safe.  However, when improperly handled or used, these items may cause serious bodily injury and/or death.  Following your Captain’s instructions will greatly minimize risks and allow for a fun filled experience.

Dangerous situations can present itself aboard any boat when water, fish, or other objects land on decks (boat floors), which may create a slip and fall hazard, which may cause a Man Overboard situation, which may cause serious bodily injury and/or death.  Also, the mere pitch and roll (front to back – side to side) action of any boat caused by wake (waves from other boats), wave, wind, and/or mere passenger movement, may create a loss of balance situation which may result in serious bodily injury and/or death.  These risks are inherent on virtually every boat.  Persons aboard who fail to use good common sense, and/or who fail to follow sound advice/instructions from the Captain, are at greater risk of serious bodily injury and/or death.

Persons failing to wear a US Coast Guard (USCG) approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD aka “life jacket”), while aboard any boat, have a greater risk of drowning than those who wear PFD’s, especially persons with little or no swimming abilities.  Although the US Coast Guard only requires approved PFD’s be worn aboard boats by persons under the age of 13, we highly encourage all of our clients wear a PFD while aboard any vessel.  We will provide our clients with USCG approved PFD’s to wear on our boats if they desire.  If preferred, clients may bring their own USCG approved PFD.  It will be the client’s responsibility to inspect their own PFD to ensure it is USCG approved and is safe to wear.  The Captain however, will inspect ALL PFD’s to be worn by persons under the age of 18 to ensure they are safe and USCG compliant.  If they are deemed unsafe or not compliant by the Captain, the child will be required to use our PFDs.  Adult clients electing not to wear a PFD will do so at their own risk.  A situation may arise where the Captain may require everyone aboard to wear a PFD.

Regarding jewelry and other valuables:  We at Orange Troller LLC, highly recommend you NOT bring any jewelry or other valuables aboard our boats.  We WILL NOT be responsible if valuables are lost, stolen, get damaged, or cause injury to yourself or others.  Items such as rings, watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc… are potential snag hazards.  Jewelry can snag on fishing line, hooks, equipment, etc… and create a dangerous situation which may cause serious bodily injury and/or death.  We highly recommend you leave your valuables at home.  Exempt are medical alert items.  If you are required to wear a medical alert bracelet, necklace, etc… we ask you advise your Captain.  Persons wearing medical alert items aboard are responsible for ensuring said item(s) is/are tucked away in such a fashion as not to become snagged or create a safety hazard.

Boating and fishing may require modest to strenuous physical exertion, dexterity, and endurance.  Maintaining one’s balance, hanging onto railings during moderate to heavy seas, or just hauling in large fish can be tiring.  It is your responsibility to ensure you possess suitable physical fitness to comfortably manage the aforementioned.  If in doubt, please seek the appropriate medical advice of a qualified physician before purchasing our services or boarding our boats.

Cancellations:  We WILL NOT be responsible for any extraneous client expense(s) due to any cancellation.  Examples:  Client expenses for transportation, travel, lodging, meals, or any other expenses beyond the purchase price of our services, WILL NOT be reimbursed.

Thank you,

Capt. Johnny Ellis, Orange Troller LLCOT Logo No white