Lake Anna Cruises


We will be suspending operations for vessel upgrades commencing September 29, 2023. We shall resume April 1, 2024. Thank you for another great year!

LAKE ANNA CRUISES:  One (1) Hour Minimum  (Up to 8 persons on 1 ticket)

**Call Ahead For Availability! **  540-947-4007  – Runs Daily 9:00AM – 9:00PM, year-round!

All Lake Anna Cruises Cruises are private.  When you book a cruise, the boat is for you and your guests only!

You can CUSTOMIZE your desired cruise and pick-up times!

$95 – For any 1 (one) hour cruise (Price covers the entire group)

$90 – For each additional 1 (one) hour beyond the first hour – LOWER PRICE!

$45 – A half-hour (1/2 hour) can be added onto any cruise – LOWER PRICE!

**Length of cruise can be selected at Check-Out.  PLEASE CALL US FIRST!

**No worries, we gladly accommodate all restroom stops

Come cruise and enjoy the beautiful Summer and Fall scenery of Lake Anna with your special someone, or a group of friends/family, while relaxing on our boat.  Year-round, we offer one hour leisurely voyages on the lake.  You can even book longer cruises if you wish.

Have a party or just want to stay out longer?  No problem!  Call us with what you desire and we will do our best to accommodate.  The pricing remains the same for all cruises.  Our goal is to provide you with a blast while visiting Lake Anna!

We have done, and can do:

Family/Friends Cruises

Sunset Cruises

Ladies Get-togethers

Bachelorette Parties

Birthday Parties

Couples Cruises

Reveal Parties

Real Estate Cruises

Wine Cruises (BYOB)

and more…

Whether you’re out to enjoy the summer sun or bundle up in a comfy sweater to enjoy the fall colors, you can bring a cooler or thermos filled with your favorite beverages, kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

  • Up to 8 passengers (regardless the age)
  • Call us first for booking availability
  • Alcohol is allowed (Age 21 and above).  Please drink responsibly
  • No Smoking, Vaping or Illegal drugs
  • No Pets
  • To be safe, please have a designated driving plan if you intend to consume alcohol.  The roads leading into Lake Anna are rural, winding, and heavily patrolled


We DO a “First Pay First Served.”

We DO accept cash purchases at time of boarding.  However, ONLY pre-paid online purchases will be accepted to lock-in any booking.

  • For booked Lake Cruises, purchases can be made online to reserve your cruise date and time.  Call us first to schedule your date and time
  • For non-booked Lake Cruises, purchases can made in cash prior to boarding, so long as we have no pending bookings
  • Online Payment must be received prior to your cruise time

We DO a safety orientation at the start of each cruise.

We DO NOT provide beverages or food of any kind.

We DO NOT offer off-boat activities like swimming, tubing, skiing…

Credit Card via online, Square Inc. via online, and Cash are accepted.

Orange Boat 

“Orange is the Happiest Color”

……………Frank Sinatra

Three (3) Boarding Locations Available

Anna Point Marina

13721 Anna Point Ln, Mineral, VA 23117


Parking – Please park in the “car only” parking area by the main pavilion

*Please Check–In at the Fish Tales Bait & Tackle Shop prior to boarding

Final Disembark:  9:00 PM

Highpoint Marina Lighthouse Inn

4634 Courthouse Rd., Mineral VA 23117


*Only two (2) parking spots are available for Orange Troller customers*  Please carpool to this location. Thank you.

*Please Check-In at the Bait & Tackle Shop prior to boarding

Final Disembark:  9:00 PM

Lake Anna State Park – State Park transient docks at the South end of beach area and docks located at the cabin rentals

6800 Lawyers Rd, Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA 22551


*You must pay to enter Park and also pay for parking

Final Disembark Main Docks at Beach:  Half-Hour Before Dusk

Final Disembark Cabin Renters With Docks:  9:00 PM

The Things We Provide:

  • Our boats
  • Fuel
  • USCG approved PFDs (life jackets)
  • A BLAST!


Your Responsibility:

  • Clients with advanced bookings, we recommend you frequently check and follow the National Weather Service (NWS – NOAA) Lake Anna area weather forecasts at least 3 days before your scheduled cruise
  • Cruises may be cancelled at any time due to weather and/or forecast of severe weather, or other unforeseen circumstances.  Please call us when in doubt
  • You may bring your favorite beverages.  Alcohol is allowed (Age 21 and above).  Please drink responsibly
  • To be safe, please have a designated driving plan if you intend to consume alcohol.  The roads leading into Lake Anna are rural, winding, and heavily patrolled.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the prevailing weather.  It can be surprisingly chilly on the water relative to land.  We suggest a windbreaker for your outermost layer of clothing
  • We suggest wearing comfortable boating shoes, sneakers, etc…
  • We suggest wearing comfortable clothing and a cap
  • We suggest wearing sun block.  Yes, even in winter
  • As per law, all persons under the age of 13 must wear life jackets.  Bring your child’s own PFD (life jacket) if you prefer not using ours
  • Cold weather – LAYER UP!  Wind and cold are surprisingly highly magnified on the water
  • Cold weather – (A suggestion) Hand warmers/toe warmers (“Hot Hands,” Zippo hand warmers, etc…)


  • The Captain may cancel cruises before or during, for any reason he may deem contrary to the safety and well-being of the clients, others, the Captain, or the boat.  Some reasons for cancellation might include, but are not limited to; hazardous weather, such as lightning, high winds, high waves, excessive boat traffic, excessive cold or hot temperatures, illness, injury, or what the Captain deems necessary.  The Captain will cancel all services when NOAA’s, National Weather Service (NWS) predictions reach or exceed 50% chance of thunderstorms occurring during our cruise time.  Please see our Cancellations & Refund Policy for details.
  • Please, no smoking, no vaping, no illegal drugs and no pets
  • We do a Safety Orientation at the start of each cruise
  • Please, no spray-on type sun block use on the boat.  The over-spray makes things very slippery and hazardous.  Please apply spray-on type sun block prior to boarding.  You may use lotion type sun block while on board.  However, it best to apply sunblock prior to boarding
  • Please be mindful bringing or wearing valuables.  We WILL NOT be responsible if lost, stolen, or damaged
  • Feel free to bring a camera, cell phone, or other device to take pictures or videos

*NOTICE* – Boating may require modest to strenuous physical exertion, dexterity, and endurance.  Maintaining one’s balance, hanging onto railings during moderate to heavy seas can be tiring.  It is your responsibility to ensure you possess suitable physical fitness to comfortably manage the aforementioned.  If in doubt, please seek the appropriate medical advice of a qualified physician before purchasing our services or boarding our boats.

Persons failing to wear a US Coast Guard (USCG) approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD aka “life jacket”), while aboard any boat, have a greater risk of drowning than those who wear PFD’s, especially persons with little or no swimming abilities.  Although the US Coast Guard only requires approved PFD’s be worn aboard boats by persons under the age of 13, we highly encourage all of our clients wear a PFD while aboard any vessel.  We will provide our clients with USCG approved PFD’s to wear on our boats if they desire.  If preferred, clients may bring their own USCG approved PFD.  It will be the client’s responsibility to inspect their own PFD to ensure it is USCG approved and is safe to wear.  The Captain however, will inspect ALL PFD’s to be worn by persons under the age of 18 to ensure they are safe and USCG compliant.  If they are deemed unsafe or not compliant by the Captain, the child will be required to use our PFDs.  Adult clients electing not to wear a PFD will do so at their own risk.  A situation may arise where the Captain may require everyone aboard to wear a PFD.

Please read our DISCLAIMER.

Thank you,

Capt. Johnny Ellis, Orange Troller LLCOT Logo No white